Back Pain & Sciatica

3 Massive Mistakes People Make That Keep Their Back Pain Chronic

Saturday, June 3rd at 11am

Innovative Therapy | 3107 Center Pointe Drive | Edinburg, TX 78539

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So, what will you learn at the workshop exactly?

During this workshop, Mary Thomas, PT will discuss the possible causes of your back pain and provide simple, life changing solutions to get rid of your pain and bring balance back into your life!

Some questions Mary will answer: 

  • What are the different parts of the spine and what is sciatica? 
  • What are the 3 most common causes of lower back pain and sciatica?
  • How helpful do you think x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans are for low back pain issues? 
  • What is the #1 single biggest mistake sciatica and lower back pain sufferers make?
  • What are the full body physics of back pain and sciatica?
  • How can I find these key restrictions that lead to my pains? 
  • What is the most important question to ask a pain relief specialist?  
  • What is Total Motion Release (TMR)?

See what people have to say about Innovative Therapy's approach:

Jan Smith | 1.11.17 

"I began the classes with Move to Improve six months ago. I am 71 years old and in reasonably good health with minor back issues, range of motion limits, and needed to work on balance. I have attended classes three times a week, mostly yoga and circuit training. In the past six months, I have definitely noticed improvement in all areas I wanted to work on. My back has no more issues, and balance is much improved. My core has strengthened and balance is great. Truly I am improved and find all activities easier to do in my daily life like standing, sitting on the floor (with grandkids), going up a ladder, and mowing the lawn. I feel stronger from head to toe."

J.M. | 2.4.17

"I came to this clinic to treat my shoulder and neck injury after I fell from my bicycle. The first days I had serious difficulties [raising] my right arm, and even had some local acute pain in the back of my right shoulder. I also felt my muscles [were] very tight and some nerves or tendons [were] out of place. After some sessions of therapy, the muscular tension and the pain are practically gone, and now I am mainly working on fixing the nerve/tendon issue, which is improving also. I am now back to swimming. On top of that improvement, I have become fascinated with the TRM, which is very simple and efficient and I plan to use it on my own any time I need to tune my body. Finally, I am sincerely grateful to Mary and all the staff in the clinic in their attention and professionalism towards me."

Evette B. | 2.6.17 

"My ankle, knee, and hip issues were addressed with [Innovative Therapy’s] exercise regimen and hands-on therapy that has resulted in my ability to once again walk distances without pain. I have learned that my body is constantly changing and adapting to my everyday movements and that I can bring it back into balance with simple ‘Total Motion Release’ (TMR) exercises and stretches. The best thing about my experience at Innovative Therapy was the encouragement to learn the techniques used to help me so that I would be able to continue to work on my physical therapy issues on my own."

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